Tax Disputes

Specialist legal representation in your tax dispute

Changes to the tax landscape in the UK, together with HMRC’s more robust stance on tax avoidance, have made it increasingly challenging to remain tax compliant, leading to a sharp rise in tax investigations.

At Jurit, we understand that managing tax disputes can be stressful and time consuming.

Our team of contentious tax experts provides comprehensive support and representation in all aspects of tax litigation, both in the Tax Tribunals and High Court.

We also represent clients in civil and criminal investigations by HMRC and other regulatory bodies.

Our people, your partners

We are sensitive to commercial issues and experienced at dealing with tax litigation involving corporate and personal tax matters.

To ensure you have the best and most cost-effective representation, we will bring together a bespoke team of experienced litigators, accountants and tax advisers.

How we help

Our tax lawyers have been involved in a several leading cases, and are proud to remain at the forefront of technical developments in this area of the law and regularly monitor HMRC’s strategy to ensure that we provide the best strategic, as well as technical, advice.

We also bring our wider public law experience to bear, including Judicial Review, and apply this to cases in the Tribunal(s) and at the High Court.

To discuss your tax dispute in confidence, or for a second opinion on a complex tax matter, please contact us.

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Our services include:

  • Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED): investigation, enquiry, penalties
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS): Gross payment status withdrawn; Disputes over operation of CIS
  • Corporation tax issues
  • Director(s) Disqualification
  • Discovery assessments
  • Fraud and evasion enquiries and disclosures including COP8 and COP9
  • Furlough Fraud allegations
  • Income Tax: PAYE Regulation 80 determinations for PAYE determinations and disputes; Section 8 notice for National Insurance; Benefit in Kind disputes
  • All types of Personal Liability Notices
  • Research and Development Tax Credits: Investigation and enquiry
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) dispute: Kittel decision; VAT deregistration appeals; Fraud investigation; Flat Rate Scheme; Notice to provide security; Penalty notices

Types of clients for whom we work

  • Umbrella and payroll companies who engage temporary labour
  • Construction and building companies with tax disputes
  • Any business with a tax dispute with HMRC

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