Domicile and International Estates

Navigating the legal and tax complexities of the UK concept of domicile and dealing with their impact on international estates and succession planning.

Jurit helps international families living in the UK and British clients living abroad to find practical solutions to the ownership and devolution of their global wealth, including navigating the complexities of owning assets in different jurisdictions.

The notion of domicile – inherited from your parents at birth – is particular to the UK and has a direct bearing on your treatment for tax and succession purposes.

It becomes an important consideration when you live or work abroad or if you from outside the UK and are working/living here.  Our lawyers can advise on how domicile can affect your tax liability and wealth succession.

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If you’re from outside the UK originally and have investments in the UK, or you are moving to or have already moved to the UK, we can support you with your tax and succession planning needs.

If you are considering a move to another country or are buying property or other assets outside the UK, it is important to consider the legal and tax issues affecting your wealth.

Likewise, you may need advice on an estate which has assets in multiple countries. Jurit can help you navigate the complexities of foreign succession rules.

We will explain how other countries may have different concepts which can dictate the devolution of your estate, including whether fixed or forced succession rules may apply to your assets outside the UK.

How we help

Our lawyers will work with you to establish the extent of your liability to UK taxation, navigating the complexities of domicile and residence, to establish potential ways to use your domicile as a useful inheritance tax planning tool.

From cross-border investment and the use of offshore trusts and corporate structures for asset protection, to advising families on international estates and how to deal with the often-conflicting probate and tax rules that apply in the countries where assets are located – Jurit can help.

We have extensive experience of the European Succession rules known as Brussels IV, as well as dealing with conflict of law issues. We will work alongside many existing overseas advisers, to achieve the best solutions that work in all relevant jurisdictions.

We also provide third party support to other professional advisers seeking advice where there is an international estate element. We frequently work with matrimonial/family lawyers where domicile issues are relevant.

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Our services include:

  • Domicile reports
  • Support for clients on domicile issues raised by HMRC
  • Creation of trusts, foundations, companies and partnerships in the UK and offshore
  • Cross-border estates and succession planning
  • Cross-border investment
  • Family asset protection – international families / international assets
  • Fiduciary and UK tax issues affecting offshore trustees and executors
  • International incapacity issues
  • International estates and probate issues
  • Philanthropy and charitable giving where there is a foreign element
  • Purchase, structuring and sale of UK residential and commercial property
  • Residence, domicile and the remittance basis
  • Restructuring existing international asset-holding structures
  • Tax compliance for non-domiciled residents and their wealth holding structures
  • UK tax advice for non-UK residents

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