Legal advice to help you support initiatives that are important to you

We understand that you may wish to share your success and give to projects you feel passionate about, or even set up your own charitable organisation.

At Jurit, we work with private individuals, their families and businesses, to support them throughout their philanthropic journey.

Core to this is supporting our clients to give strategically, to ensure they can achieve the best impact with their funds.

Our people, your team

Our team of charity lawyers is on hand to make your objectives a reality – however you choose to pursue your charitable goals.

Working together, we help you to set clear objectives and will help you to understand the options available to you, whilst providing specialist governance support to ensure you achieve your philanthropic goals.

How we help

As a donor, it is important to give strategically, to ensure that you are able to make the biggest impact with your funds, and Jurit will help you to achieve this.

We will also support you to make donations anonymously, if you wish to do so.

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Our services include:

  • Preparation of a giving strategy
  • Ongoing monitoring and review of philanthropic strategy
  • Reviewing the impact of your charitable giving

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