Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring regulatory, compliance and legal obligations, providing peace of mind.

Staying abreast of the latest regulations and legal obligations that affect you can be hard.

At Jurit, we will manage your regulatory, compliance and legal obligations, providing you with certainty and peace of mind that you are on the right side of the law.

Our people, your partners

We are expert at guiding our clients through their regulatory obligations in a practical, commercial way, and will provide you with bespoke technical advice on the complex legal and regulatory issues that may affect you, but which you may not be aware of.

How we help

Whether you are UK-resident or not, we will help you to understand what you need to comply with, and how to comply with it, putting in place the structures necessary to achieve this.

This includes the new Register of Overseas Entities (ROE), where we can support overseas entities that already own UK property, or wish to buy UK property.  Overseas companies now need to register on the ROE and file annual update statements in order to be able to buy or sell UK land. The UK’s three Land Registries are already enforcing this, with penalties for non-compliance.

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Our services include advice on:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Directive
  • Common Reporting Standards (CRS) / Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Contentious Tax support - Working with HMRC on compliance checks
  • Contentious Tax support - Assisting with HMRC discovery assessments
  • Contentious Tax support - Support in dealing with HMRC correspondence
  • Contentious Tax support - Director(s) Disqualification
  • Obligation to file tax returns - Non-resident CGT returns (60-day time limit for filing)
  • Obligation to file tax returns - CGT returns for UK residents (60-day time limit for filing)
  • Register of Overseas Entities (ROE) – non-UK entities and corporate Trustees
  • Trust Registration Service

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