Alex Peebles


Contentious Tax, Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Private Wealth & Tax, Powers of Attorney & Court of Protection, Wealth Planning & Personal Tax

Alex's Skills

  • Commercial
  • Contentious Tax
  • Court of Protection
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Judicial Review

About Alex

HMRC’s powers are extensive and ever growing. Alex’s principal focus is therefore to protect client interests and hold HMRC to account, ensuring that through legal proceedings, its decisions are both proportionate and fair.

The types of cases that Alex represents his clients in, include resolving disputes and advising on issues relating to all the major UK taxes, including investigations by Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority and other regulatory bodies.

Alex has represented a broad range of clients in a variety of public law, judicial review and regulatory matters both at Tribunal, the High Court, Court of Appeal and in the European Court of Human Rights. He has particular expertise in representing regulated professionals in the medical and healthcare sector.

Alex career to date has been almost exclusively based in litigation and dispute resolution where the majority of disputes have involved public law and disputes involving the state, as well as tax litigation in the Tax Tribunals, which comprises the mainstay of his current practice.

  • Advising, by way of Judicial Review, in relation to blanket “IR35” assessment by NHS bodies; he retroactive nature of the Loan Charge, accelerated payment notices, the removal of VAT and GPS registrations and statutory construction.
  • Representing professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, solicitors and students) in fitness to practice proceedings brought by regulatory bodies.
  • Representing hospital patients and residents in deprivation of liberty challenges, where they had been deprived of their liberty in care homes against the conditions of their detention.
  • Representing patients, and in some cases family members, seeking to regain control of property and affairs from a court appointed Deputy.
  • Advising in relation to compensation claims against local and national governments for infringement of rights enshrined by the European Convention on Human Rights