Privacy and Data Protection

Data protection compliance

Maintaining privacy and ensuring data protection compliance is essential and is becoming ever more challenging as technology evolves – from Big Data and the Internet of Things to AI.

While some countries are modelling their new legislation on the principles which underlie the GDPR, others have developed their own approaches which give differing levels of protection to individuals.

This has a significant impact on the way companies need to run their businesses, particularly those with international interests, raising questions over where to hold data, what data to retain and what contracts to hold.

To address these uncertainties, Jurit’s privacy and data protection practice provides practical advice on the law concerning privacy and the processing of personal data and how to manage the differing demands of increasing regulation.


AI and personal data

Personal data is increasingly subject to processing by AI. However, there are very strict rules about this which companies must adhere to in order to avoid the risks of suffering fines, complaints or adverse publicity.

We advise daily on the problems of the use of AI and have extensive experience of current trends in data use, contractual provisions, and regulation. Examples of our work include advice on the rights of individuals, on data protection impact assessments and on the use of contract terms to protect both companies and individuals against inappropriate use of AI.

Access requests

Data protection legislation enables individuals who are the subject of personal data to exercise various rights in relation to their data, including in particular the rights of access, rectification and (in some cases) deletion. Responding to requests for access can be a complex and time-consuming exercise. However, we are well versed in the procedure and the various exemptions which can be applied, and are practised in turning raw data into a cogent response which meets the demands of the law.

Our people, your team

We bring the full weight of the many years’ experience we have in data protection and privacy issues to bear, to provide you with true experts in their field who will bring a commercial approach to your privacy and data protection needs.

Our practice is headed by Quentin Archer, a leading figure in the world of privacy and data protection, recognised by Chambers as one of three “senior statespersons” in this field (2019).

Quentin is joined by partner Adrian Hoggarth, an employment specialist with particular expertise in privacy in the workplace.

Together they will support your business in navigating the complexities of privacy and data protection issues, drawing on the expertise of our international network of professionals to provide local expertise as required.

How we help

Our advice spans the full spectrum of privacy and data protection issues, from advice on the GDPR (and its UK offshoot, the UK GDPR) to international data transfers, marketing and cyber security. We can also provide data protection litigation expertise, as well as advice around the protection of corporate information.

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Our services include:

  • Data privacy audits, to check that processing is in compliance with current legislation
  • Navigating changes to privacy and data protection rules
  • Meaning and interpretation of data protection law
  • Creation and implementation of data protection policies
  • Advice on data breaches, including procedures, responses and notifications
  • Cybersecurity – assessment of legal risk and advice on steps to mitigate that risk
  • Privacy issues arising in the course of M&A and other transactions
  • Assistance with responses to subject access requests
  • Advice on criminal aspects of data protection legislation
  • Protection of corporate information, including trade secrets, confidential information and database rights
  • Employment contract covenants
  • Training, including the development of privacy training programmes
  • Privacy and data protection litigation
  • Reviewing cookie policies and their use on websites
  • Advice on the impact of AI on privacy

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