Helen Cummings

Consultant Solicitor

Tax Disputes, Commercial, Tax and Incentives

Helen's Skills

  • Tax Disputes
  • Commercial
  • Tax and Incentives

About Helen

Helen qualified in 2018 and is an experienced solicitor specialising in tax and commercial litigation and Judicial Review matters.

She works with clients across the United Kingdom and with those outside that jurisdiction. Previously, Helen worked for Irwin Mitchell LLP and was based in London.

Good client care is particularly important to Helen, and she is very happy to provide a high level of support to lay persons that are new to legal proceedings and seeking advice.

She is very aware of the sensitive nature of the issues that can arise in her area of expertise and is always willing to meet her client in person to offer a high level of support and guidance.

Helen works with clients – representing individuals and companies – and has diverse experience in providing advice in relation to the following:
• HMRC Appeals – Client representation in the upper and lower tier tax tribunals
• Judicial review • HMRC Alternative Dispute Resolution process
• Tax disputes and enquiries including:
• Construction Industry Scheme Gross Status Issues
• Kittell Notices
• VAT supply chain investigations
• Penalties
• Discovery assessments
• Personal Liability Notices
• Umbrella companies
• Notice to provide security
• IR35/employment status/CEST
• PAYE investigation
• Information notices – S36 TMA 1970
• Production orders
• Fraud and evasion enquiries and disclosures including COP8 and COP9
• Regulation 80 determinations for PAYE and Section 8 notices for NIC
• Notices to provide security for PAYE and VAT
• Furlough Fraud allegations
• Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) enquiries
• Confiscation orders
• Civil Search Orders/Anton Piller orders
• Directors Disqualification

It is worth noting that Helen has positive links to other professionals that can assist in relation to the above matters.