Turn on the Tap – flexible legal services

Flexible legal services support ‘on tap’

Increasing workloads and decreasing budgets are coming together to create the perfect storm for in-house legal teams.

We understand the challenging environment you operate in and the pressures you face – from managing peak workloads and staff shortages, to keeping a lid on costs – all whilst ensuring a sufficiently high standard of legal resources to respond to your business’ needs.

We also appreciate that when you need additional resource, you will want to move at speed with the confidence that you are working with people who can hit the ground running and deliver a high standard of work – all without paying over the odds.

That is exactly what Jurit’s ‘Turn on the Tap’ flexible legal support service is designed to do.

Our people, your team

Our practitioners are experienced in supporting in-house legal teams across a broad spectrum of legal topics – from general commercial advice and international trade and investment, to employment, litigation and insurance.

We provide flexible support to businesses based in the UK, as well as a local resource in an international context for inward investors from the US to the UK, and out to EMEA.

You will find us to be experienced and pragmatic, with the interpersonal skills necessary to allow you to hand over internal clients with confidence.

Should you need support to manage more complex projects, our lawyers are well placed to help, having spent their entire careers doing just that for major international firms based in the UK and overseas.


How we help

First, we spend time with you and your team to understand your requirements. We don’t charge for this – it is a necessary investment on our part, to deliver the support you want quickly, when you need it.

We then agree a simple and transparent framework agreement, before discussing the practicalities of how we will work and what you can expect.

You will be given a dedicated Jurit Client Relationship Leader based on who is best placed to meet your business objectives.

They will keep in touch with you and will make sure the wider Jurit team is up-to-date with what’s happening in your business.

Finally, simply call on our services as and when you need them.

Here at Jurit we have been operating as a remote and flexible law firm for many years, so our lawyers are very used to supporting businesses without having to travel or visit an office. Equally, if you need us to be somewhere, we will be.

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