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Customised, pragmatic, client-focused legal solutions

Jurit has reimagined the way legal services are experienced by clients and delivered by lawyers.

We were a virtual law firm long before a global pandemic forced the issue, delivering an agile, responsive and flexible approach to legal services which left behind traditional ways of working.

Our consultancy model allows you to enjoy technical legal excellence on demand, delivered by a team of experienced senior lawyers who can work in a flexible and cost-efficient way.

What sets us apart?

Our team has lived and worked across the globe, for leading law firms in private practice and acting as general counsel for businesses on an international scale – so we know a thing or two about how the law and how law firms work.

We have taken the traditional law firm model and have reimagined the delivery of legal services to benefit both our clients and our lawyers.

Jurit gives you access to the brightest legal minds on a flexible basis, whilst creating a rewarding working environment for the solicitors who work with us.

Our operational costs, as a virtual law firm, allow us to pass savings on to our clients, enabling you to enjoy senior-level quality and excellence – at good value.

Core values

Our core values govern the way we work and how we operate as an organisation.

They mean that our people are committed to delivering excellence of service, with a focus on fairness and transparency in all aspects of their work.

How we deliver legal services

We offer first-class commercial legal services to clients of any size in an agile, responsive way.
We take time to get to know our clients, to understand their businesses and their objectives - so we always offer insightful advice in context.
The innovative way we run our business gives clients ready access to senior professionals, with deep expertise and strong networks, who are good value for money.

What to expect from working with us 

We are an authentic and accessible team which always strives to:

  • Operate in a smart way offering high quality counsel, both in local and in international contexts
  • Add real value to our client relationships by applying our values-driven culture
  • Combine a traditional professional focus with new ways of providing client service
  • Achieve sustainable solutions for our clients
  • Build strong long-term relationships
  • Adopt active listening and creative, independent, solution-driven thinking
  • Ensure that our clients’ interests are always paramount
  • Share the energy and enthusiasm of our clients
  • Deliver responsive, pragmatic and commercially astute cost-effective support to our clients
  • Collaborate as an integrated team with our clients, and with other experienced colleagues to solve our clients’ needs; and
  • Always act with honesty, generosity, integrity and mutual respect.

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