Legal Operations

Helping in-house legal teams to increase efficiency and drive productivity

The way in-house legal resources are organised and managed is coming under increasing scrutiny as legal teams face increasing pressure to demonstrate value for money to the C-suite.

Legal operations has a significant role to play in helping you to achieve this.

Jurit’s legal operations service is designed to drive productivity, increase legal services efficiency, and identify new technologies, where appropriate, to support this.

Our people have advised across the full spectrum of business size, from scale-ups looking to lay the foundations for a growing legal team, to large banks who require support to get technology implementations over the line.

Budget challenges are the usual driver for such work, but other clients are also looking to improve the ‘workload and wellbeing’ of legal teams that are simply swamped.

Our people, your business partner

Having worked as commercial lawyers, in private practice as well as in-house with global corporations including IBM and Smiths Group, we bring unrivalled insight into the business of legal operations.

We have extensive experience in this developing field, with over 5 years of involvement with clients, as well as the legal operations community, including CLOC.

Our people will work with you on a consultancy basis to analyse how and why your legal team operates as it does, to improve the way your legal services are delivered.

How we help

We bring common-sense principles of good management and innovation to your legal services delivery, moving in-house legal away from an artisanal service to more of a process-driven approach.

We explore: 

  • People analysis 

Legal teams grow organically, and inefficiencies can creep in over time. We will analyse where efficiencies can be made to the delivery of legal services, ensuring that your team is in the right place and that the right people are doing the work.

  • Process evaluation 

Our third-party review of your business’ systems and processes will create opportunities to improve the efficiency of the delivery of these services – from how much you are spending, and what the cost of the team is, to what you are spending externally and whether you are getting the right balance between in-house expertise and external legal spend.

This might include more efficient outsourcing of legal work – either by the experienced team we have here at Jurit, or a range of other solutions depending on the size and needs of your business.

  • Technology 

We will help you to understand how the delivery of legal services could work better within your organisation, recommending technology or software solutions if it is appropriate for your needs. If it is not, and what you have in place is right for you, we will tell you so.

  • Data 

Data plays an integral role in helping you to understand how you are running the department, enabling you to report on service delivery and efficiency to C-suite.

Implementing innovative technology can help you to achieve this and we can recommend several ways to achieve this, drawing on our many years of experience and insight into the latest legal tech.

Tailored solutions right for you 

Having analysed your legal operations, we will provide you with a report detailing our findings, with a series of well-thought-out recommendations.

With the benefit of a team of experienced and cost-effective partner-level lawyers here at Jurit, we may recommend an element of outsourced legal support from Jurit General Counsel if we believe that this is the right solution for you.

Or we might recommend a series of other options, including access to law tech such as Tap the Market.

Created for lawyers, by lawyers, Tap The Market is an independent, transparent platform, designed to make the instruction of external lawyers globally a more efficient, scientific and data-driven process.

If you would like to find out more about our legal operations consultancy service, or for an informal chat about your needs, get in touch.

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