Julian Gray


Dispute Resolution, Commercial, International Trade and Investment

Julian's Skills

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Commodity Trading Disputes
  • Dispute Resolution
  • International Trade
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Shipping & Marine Insurance
  • Oil & Offshore Energy

About Julian

Julian has spent much of his legal career in the Middle East and Far East bringing first-hand international experience overseas to his expertise in shipping and marine insurance.

He went on to broaden his specialism in litigation and arbitration. He went on to broaden his specialism in international litigation and arbitration, with particular experience in the offshore energy sector and international trade.

As a partner at Jurit, Julian undertakes quality work with like-minded people and for quality clients – combining maximum global reach with minimum infrastructure, an opportunity for professional lawyers, and their clients, not to be missed.

Julian qualified as a solicitor in 1979 and joined Clyde & Co in London, already globally recognised as a leading maritime law firm. He moved to Hong Kong to help establish the firm’s Far East Regional Office, making partner in 1983. After returning to London for four years specialising in marine, insurance and reinsurance, he moved to Clyde & Co’s Middle East Office, leading their litigation practice.

That coincided with the invasion of Kuwait and an arrival in Dubai in a febrile atmosphere. Indeed, taking statements on a VLCC tanker in ballast, whilst travelling up the Gulf with floating mines reportedly heading the other way, “concentrated the mind wonderfully!”

Having moved to Singapore to head up Clyde & Co’s South East Asia office where he broadened his experience in commodity trading disputes, particularly in the oil trading field.

Managing and practising in a relatively small office overseas, provided an opportunity for a very broadly based range of work which was simply not available to a partner based in London. He always loved the stimulation and challenge of handling such a variety of work.

Julian returned to Europe in 2003 re-establishing his practice at Clyde & Co before joining Ross & Co, a boutique litigation practice in London.