Clair Mathews Crawford

Business Development Assistant

Clair's Skills

  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Project management

About Clair

She brings with her extensive international experience working in business, marketing and business development across the non-profit, governmental and private sectors.

Clair supports our lawyers with all that they need to market and deliver their services effectively, from the development of brochures and other collateral, the publishing of blogs and social media, to project managing the redevelopment of the firm’s website.

She is goal driven, detail oriented, resourceful and effective in working in a challenging, client facing environment.

Clair grew up England and Hong Kong, before setting in Kenya after she graduated from the University of Edinburgh.

She built a sector-leading business in ultra-competitive high-end tourism in East and Southern Africa and relied on her business development talent to retain and grow her client-base, despite tremendous worldwide market downturns.

Taking the success of building her own business, Clair now helps others to grow theirs. Her belief in the product remains balanced expertly with her understanding of people and their dreams and aspirations.