Askandar Samad

Consultant Solicitor

Technology and Innovation, Commercial

Askandar's Skills

  • Content Production Distribution and Financing
  • Communications and Technology
  • Copyright

About Askandar

Film and TV Production Distribution and Financing

  • Advising various Hollywood studios on tax driven financing structures in the UK. Former and current clients include Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount Pictures Corporation, New Line Cinema Corporation, Home Box Office, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Studios.
  • Acting for a number of independent US and UK production and distribution companies on structuring international co-productions to maximise access to pre-sale, gap, equity and subsidy funding.
  • Advising a major Hong Kong film producer and distributor on the setting up of the first Asian film financing fund.
  • Advising a major Asian media company on all aspects of its business including preparation of all of its standard form production and distribution contracts.


Communications and Technology

  • Advising a cloud based communications provider (UCaaS) on the roll out of its services across the globe, providing both regulatory and commercial advice.
  • Advising a US cloud based communications provider servicing the financial sector on the regulatory and commercial aspects of its expansion in to Europe and Asia.
  • Advising a satellite operator on the international regulatory framework with particular reference to the Radio Regulations of the ITU.
  • Advice on aspects of the privatisation of a Far East PTT, including drafting legislation and licences for the public operator in the light of the UK experience and producing a detailed proposal for the regulatory regime and a commentary on the telecommunications regulatory regime (with reference also made to competition law) in the United Kingdom and other jurisdictions.
  • Advice on investments in the UK and Europe by a Far Eastern public telecommunications operator, including potential investments in mobile communications.
  • Advising a US telecommunications operator on regulatory and contractual issues in respect of its regional investments in Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia including negotiating relevant joint venture agreements and ancillary documents.



  • Advising various clients on copyright infringement on the Internet.
  • Advising a regional satellite broadcaster on its arrangements with copyright licensing and collecting societies.
  • Advising a publisher on the copyright aspects of the electronic publication of materials obtained from a Hong Kong Government Department and drafting the agreement between the parties.